Our Premium True Fir Varieties



Also known as white fir, concolor has long needles, a bushy appearance and can range in colour from a sage green to a soft blue.

Fraser fir


Fraser have deep green short needles with white undersides, sturdy branches and can be more open and less dense.

Grand fir


Grands have glossy green needles with  feathery branches. They tend to be somewhat wider and bushier in shape overall.

Douglas Fir and Scotch Pine

Douglas Fir


Medium size needles, and a citrus fragrance, doug fir (not a true fir)  can be bushy or open depending on how they have been pruned. 

Scotch Pine


Scotch (or Scots) pine have long  needles in bottle brush formation and can be quite bushy. Somewhat spiky, they are great trees for households where pets are an issue.